What does a Social Media Manager do?

When I tell people I work in marketing, I'm often asked what that entails. When I narrow it down to Social Media Management as an example, I'm still greeted with a look of confusion! So let me tell you what we do.

Whether it's a personal blogger who wants to grow their audience, or a small business owner who wants to compete with big brands on the online marketplace, a SM manager creates marketing strategies and branding guidelines catering to the specific demographics of each client. SM managers can build the social pages from scratch, or consult brands with existing social pages on how to market a specific event/product. Let's break this down even further:

Social Media can refer to many different platforms, but the factor that makes each of them an important tool is the ability to communicate with niche communities in an effective and meaningful way. Platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, Youtube and more. Even E-mail is included in SM management!

The platform that the SM manager will choose to focus on depends on the demographic of each specific client. For example: A client is an owner of a cloth-diaper company and would like to gain a larger audience and "create hype" before releasing a new line of prints. Based on the demographics for diapers - more specifically cloth-diapers - they will focus the brands voice on women, between the ages of 24 and 36. The demographic of this community tells us that Facebook and Instagram should be prioritized when trying to reach their potential audience.

The SM manager also creates and schedules content that tells a story aligned with the client's goals and values. Social content can be created using graphic design, photography, videos, blogs or shared affiliate content.

Besides the face and voice of the company, the SM manager may also include engagement in their work. Replying to comments, direct messages, and following related pages, are simple tasks that take time, but have a lasting effect when creating valuable relationships with a client's audience.

Once all of the wheels are in motion, a SM manager will look at statistics gauging which content worked the best, and which should be discontinued in the future. Optimal posting times and tone of content change throughout the year based on current events, holidays, and seasons - it is important to keep a consistent eye on the trends for every community!

Through all of these tasks, SM management is a valuable tool that many companies choose to focus on last. However, without an audience, and without a need, there will be no interest, and no sales!

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