Lashes Like Her - Brand Launch

Through our online portal, we received the sweetest message from two best-friends living in Burnaby. With no prior experience, Amrit and Gurdeen wanted to start their own lash brand inspired by their love of all-things-make-up. Having experience with the surprisingly saturated lash industry from our work with Le Poshd lashes, we gladly took up the project - embracing the freedom to create classy, feminine branding guidelines.

The project was low-budget, so I made sure to make our time together efficient - working to build the skeleton of the branding and the basic look of social pages, while coaching Amrit on marketing campaigns, manufacturer communications, email marketing and more! We also handled the product photography for their launch line - here I was able to hire on the talented Alejandro Chaverrez for his amazing visual work.

We worked with Lashes Like Her for a short period, but have been so happy to see the progress they have made since taking over the reigns. This project involved more coaching and consulting - fulfilling a value of lifting other entrepreneurs up - which we don't always get to do with more long-term, hands-on projects where we handle everything.

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