Atlantis x Kirin Social Media Management

Atlantis Seafood and Steak, and what is now Kirin, located in the heart of Waikiki, were once completely absent from the online social world. Atlantis was in serious need of rebranding, while Kirin was an old local favorite, bought and relocated to the tourist trap of Waikiki.

After creating new concepts for the websites, we moved onto building the social pages. Working not only on food and location photography, dish-related content and influencer ratings, the awareness of these "tourist locations" was able to increase within the local market. We worked on marketing campaigns and competitive offers to increase real-life foot traffic, particularly with Atlantis and the addition of Happy Hour - a concept that took convincing the owners of the company located all the way in China.

For Atlantis we worked with various food bloggers and Yelp Elites, to create special dinners and events for them to advertise. Working with influencers is an important part of marketing after the foundations are finished, and is something that we try to incorporate in all projects. We still work with these restaurants on a monthly basis, managing their media, adding content and speaking with local PR opportunities.