Chromaco x BSP Communications

Within the year that VMG was involved with the joint companies of Chromaco Printing and Black Sand Publishing, the tasks of social media management, event promotions and product development were all tackled.

Both Chromaco and Black Sand Publishing work closely with artists to improve their resources and sales - Chromaco handles everything from high quality art scanning to product prints. Black Sand Publishing on the other hand, focuses on the marketing, sales and production of published artists. While managing the social media aspects of these brands, we had to consider individual artists needs under BSP - while simultaneously rebranding, and refreshing Chromaco.

From the beginning, Instagram, and Facebook were a part of the daily commitment to the brands. We worked on creating a consistent look and feel for the social pages, while developing themes that were unique to each brand. Themes like Feature Friday for BSP, or Chromie the Duck - mascot for Chromaco, were introduced to create anticipation and interaction with the brands. The addition of Feature Friday raised awareness of BSP within the artist, gallery and consumer communities.

In regards to event promotion and product development - we aided in multiple successes including the Heather Brown x Zak Noyle booth at Surf Expo 2017, and the sales and merchandising at Greenroom Festival 2017. For Surf Expo we focused on B2B relations by contacting buyers across the nation in order to invite them to our booth for line presentations. With our pre-event marketing and on site presentation, we were able to generate enough sales for the brands so that BSP felt confident in the newest clothing line and art prints that we had chosen for the season.