POSHd Marketing and Events

A small local boutique located in Ward Village, was looking for a creative partner to work with their upcoming marketing and events campaigns. Revised social media approaches, customer interaction plans, and milestone events were all part of Vaughan Media's involvement in POSHd Boutique.

With the help of Vaughan Media, POSHd was able to reach their "reach" goals on Instagram and Facebook (excuse the pun), increasing their active audience by over 10,000 people within 2 months. By changing the quality and consistency of their content, and creating an interaction strategy, not only did their social audience grow, but it also became more interactive - which is a sure way to increase brand awareness by word of mouth alone.

Another service we provided was the planning of POSHd Boutique's 2 year anniversary of their newest location. From the party's concept, to the sponsors, to marketing, the event was meticulously created from start to finish.

The day included 200 beautiful people sipping on cotton candy cocktails, receiving personal styling tips and make-overs, while taking part in raffle draws and spin-the-wheel contests! Guests were greeted by VIP Valet parking, and a glass of champagne as they entered the boutique - followed by offerings of locally made truffles and an extensive dessert bar. The red carpet and "step and repeat" were hosted by professional photographers, allowing guests to show off their newest purchases. Finally, while taking care of payment, customers would spin the prize wheel to receive gift cards to POSHd, free beauty services by Paul Brown Studios in Honolulu, or locally made treats like Hawaiian Buzz.

Besides the fun memories, and the networking of strong (fashion-savvy) women, POSHd event sales and attendance beat last year's anniversary party by a large margin.

This party would not have been possible without the following partners:

Paul Brown Studios


Dom Loren Beauty

Kaliko Designs