Girlfriend Box Influencer Experience

When Girlfriend Box approached me, they were looking for an experience. This new, fashionable subscription box company was planning a marketing campaign on Oahu, Hawai'i, and needed help on the island locally. The accommodations were to be transformed into a space that was what the influencer community would call "instagram-worthy". Using decorations provided in the location, products and giveaways, VMG was able to create a space that would not only be functional, but be enjoyable.

With a budget, the house was filled with groceries to suit the guests diet tastes (wine? Coronas?) and schedule (sponsored dinners? On location snacks?). Using our network of clients, we were able to provide sponsored meals at some of Waikiki's finest restaurants while adding to the shooting location repertoire.

Ale - the cofounder of Girlfriend Box, sent product over to the islands ahead of time. Using these boxes, and boxes, of product, we were able to transform the space into an experience…the rooms were filled with sponsored goodies, laid upon the bed, with VMG client gifts included, while the dining table were decorated with local flora and lightboards.

With the help of VMG, Girlfriend Box was able to trust that upon arrival in Hawai'i, there would be accommodations suitable for comfort and business. The owner of the properties benefited from the exposure and success of the marketing materials that were produced by the campaign, while the sponsors gained exposure. Overall, this experience creation resulted in positive results for all partners involved:

Naked Skin Tan

Solkissed Swimwear

Girlfriend Box

BPR Hospitality