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    Whether you're in the starting stages of your business or are well on your way, it is always best to have an up-to-date, engaging website. A one page, flat website with broken links is going to be a deterrent to any audience, customers or investors you may have. Don't be left behind!


    Timeline: 2-4 weeks

    Deliverables: 1-6 page website with strong SEO skeleton and custom made graphics + optional: email marketing set-up, interactive appointment/contact forms. Hosted by Wix, Shopify, Squarespace, Wordpress.



    1) Upon ordering, we will send you a confirmation with these instructions and further details. Please respond with information on your business, your goals for your website, and any information that you have not completed in the customization area below. If you have a website already, link this and describe what you do and do not like.

    2) You send us in a google drive file: any text content to add, any photos or videos you would like included (logos, product photos), log-in for existing website/email marketing.

    3) Within 1 week, we send you the first edit of the website - you will respond with any edit requests, eg: colors, content order, user experience. This is our first round of edits.

    4) Within a few days we return with edits completed. We can do up to 3 rounds of edits.

    5) Upon the final edits being completed. We go through the website and complete/strengthen the SEO backbone, and then transfer ownership over to you to attach your domain.

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