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    Don't be the last business to take advantage of the wonderful marketing world of social media. Have your social media managed by professionals that know how to take your daily posts and turn them into engaging ongoing stories that convert viewers into long-term customers and fans.


    Timeline: Ongoing

    Monthly Deliverables:

    1 hr SM marketing consult/week* optional

    1-month marketing content calendar - delivered day-week before 1st of month

    5-7 posts per week per account FB/IG/Pinterest

    2 giveaway promotion opportunities with partners

    End of month marketing statistics (audience demographics, conversion rates, reach, strategy changes) - delivered last day of month



    • Upon order, we will send you a confirmation email with a dated-timeline for our project as well as the following instructons. Please respond with: Information on your brand/business including current website and social media, a brief description of what you think is and isn't working for you currently in your SM marketing (we will consult if you are unsure), and your availability for a facetime or skype call.
    • Over a 30 min-1 hour call we will discuss further details and arrange: content creation (Will we be handling any product photography? Do you have content already created?), the coming month's promotions and ad campaigns, themes and things to focus on and more.
    • Before the 1st of the following month, we send you a calendar with all visual and written content, photoshoots and promotions that we have planned.
    • Execution!
    • At the end of the month we deliver a recap of how the month went, which content worked well as well as statistics regarding our conversions, demographics and reach.
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