Logo Creation
  • Logo Creation

    Bring your brand to life with a recognizable logo. From your website to event signage, to merchandise and even your business card, your logo is the face of your business.


    Timeline: 1-2 weeks

    Deliverables: 1 logo w/ font in black, white and color files + 2 widgets



    • Upon order, we will send you a confirmation email with a dated-timeline for our project. Please respond with: Information on your brand/business including website and social media and either: your current logo with comments on what you like or don't like - or - a description of what you have in mind/any shapes or idea or color ideas you had if you haven't filled that part out in the customizations form below already.
    • Within a few days, we will return with 6-10 icon logo options, 3 color scheme options, and 3 font options. You will comment on these, ranking your top choices or elements from each logo. From here we will complete our first round of edits.
    • We will narrow down the icon options to 3 more custom logos - we provide examples of each logo option in various color schemes and with text play. We will make final edits from these choices. This is our second and last round of edits.
    • We deliver your top logo choice in: Black, White, Color in both transparent and filled files. If you would like to have the files from the first round of edits, we can provide those as well.

      You are entitled to a 50% refund if you are not happy with the final design. The 50% refund is for the return of the digital assets that you don't want to use, the remaining balance is the non-refundable service charge.